About Private Workouts

Convenience has ALWAYS been the answer, the aim is to help YOU never skip a workout again!

The idea of Private Workouts was originally developed in the greater Los Angeles area by Diego Herrera. The concept was originally for 1 on 1 face to face personal training sessions. The original group of personal trainers had always been passionate about health and fitness and we all aimed to make it as convenient to "Angelinos" as possible so that busy clients would never miss a workout again!

As we all know, LA county residents can get busy throughout their day. Most LA county residents live by the popular saying "time is money." Heading to a gym can be arduous to some: time, traffic, location, and quality trainers. With Private Workouts, convenience has always been the answer. The original idea was for our talented group of trainers to arrive at your doorstep, or to the location that was most convenient for you. Services are still available to what suits you best. Private Workouts has always offered a variety of training for our clients and we take pride in matching the right trainer for our clients' needs. We always ensure a memorable workout experience in person and with the online programs. 

Private Workout trainers go through a series of assessments & interviews so we can make sure that our team here at Private Workouts offers our clients a high-quality experience, every single time when it comes to 1 on 1, face to face training. All online programs are specifically designed and created by the indicated trainer. For 1 on 1, private workout sessions, please use the "in person training" tab in the drop down menu. A selection of personal trainers will be offered to you depending on your location, time, preferance, and convenience.